Bristol Times and Mirror
Wednesday 3rd September 1873

The Opening of the North Somerset Railway

The Great Western Railway Company had announced the opening of the new railway from Bristol to Radstock for yesterday, but the arrangements could not be perfected in the time, and the officials were unable to carry out their intentions. Finding this to be the case an advertisement was inserted in the Bristol daily papers on Monday evening, announcing the postponement of the opening. The first train from Bristol was, however, to leave the terminus at 7.40 a.m., and as but a few people had scanned the advertisement columns of the morning papers at that early hour, a considerable number of intending passengers by the first train presented themselves at the station at the appointed time. Of course they were all disappointed, and some grumbled, but the wiser ones made the best of it and returned to finish their ham and eggs with a keener appetite from the morning’s walk. We understand that the line really will be opened for public traffic this morning. The first train leaves Radstock at 6.15 a.m., and there are three other up trains during the day, at 9 a.m., 1.15 p.m., and 5.45 p.m. The down trains from Bristol to Radstock start at 7.40 a.m., 11.15 a.m., 3.30 p.m., and 7.30 p.m. The journey each way takes exactly an hour. The stations are Bristol, Brislington, Pensford, Clutton, Hallatrow, Welton and Radstock, and the distances from each are as follows: - Bristol to Brislington, two miles; Brislington to Pensford, 4 1/2 miles; Pensford to Clutton, three miles; Clutton to Hallatrow, 1 1/2 miles; Hallatrow to Welton, 3 miles; Welton to Radstock, two miles. There are four different sets of single fares, viz., first, second, and third class, and Parliamentary. The single fare through by Parliamentary train is, of course, one penny per mile (1s. 4d.). The third class fare from Bristol to Radstock is 1s. 9d.; second class, 2s. 6d.; first class 3s. 9d. A first class return ticket costs 6s. 3d., and a second class return 4s. 3d. Third class carriages will be attached to every train. We hear that the opening to-day will be quite a formal matter, and that there will be no ceremony whatever.

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