Bristol Times and Mirror
Tuesday 6th July 1875

Opening of the Frome and Radstock Branch of the Great Western Railway

The opening of this branch took place yesterday, the first train leaving Frome at 7.20 a.m., in charge of Messrs. Graham (district superintendent), Morrison, Liddiard, and Robson (inspectors). The engine employed was driven by Mr. Dennis Haycroft, and was profusely ornamented with flowers, evergreens, and small coloured flags. The boon conferred upon the travelling public by the opening of this small branch is considerable. Improved communication is opened between Bristol and the Weymouth branch, in which Frome will especially benefit. Hitherto the journey to Bristol from Frome has occupied two hours, via Radstock it can be accomplished in an hour and a quarter, without change of carriage; The inspection of the line took place on Friday, the 25th ult., when Colonel Yolland attended for the purpose; and Messrs. Drewitt and Co., of West Bromwich, the contractors, were highly complimented by the inspector for the satisfactory manner in which the alterations and improvements in the permanent way had been effected. There is now a double line of rails between Radstock and Mells, and it is intended to continue the second line to Frome. The difference in the distance between the old and new route to Bristol from Frome is nine miles only; the saving in the time between the two is due to the train running direct between the two places, thus obviating the necessity for changes of carriage. The first train left Frome for Bristol (via Radstock) yesterday half an hour later than that which left for Bristol via Westbury, and yet reached Bristol 20 minutes earlier than the latter. It is expected that a large traffic will be developed by means of the new branch.

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