Report of HM Inspecting Officer Lieut. Colonel A.H.L. Mount into the new Frome Central Signal box and West Ground Frame

29th June 1935

Original Document - Public Record Office, Kew. MT29/90


I have the honour to report for the information of the Minister of Transport that, in accordance with the appointment of 12th December, 1933, I made an inspection on 24th June, 1935, of the new works at Frome on the main line of the Great Western Railway.

These comprise various alterations and additions to connections at the north end of the station, as shown on the plan submitted, together with track circuiting and the necessary running & shunt signals, and the provision of a new central signal box in place of the South and West Junction boxes.

The latter box is now worked as a ground frame of 4 levers controlled by the electric token for the Radstock branch section, Frome-Mells Road, and intermediate token instrument is also provided at this ground frame.

The permanent way in the new connections has been laid with 95lb material on stone ballast, the curve of the up single line lead of the facing connection to Bristol was laid with 7/16” slack and the curve of the down laid 1/4” slack.

The new box contains 57 working levers and 16 spaces including 2 detonator placers; track circuits through the junction have been installed instead of facing point bars, which when occupied, back-lock the bolt levers reversed.

I was informed that track circuiting will be completed throughout both roads through the station in a couple of weeks time; there is no up inner home signal, and provision in respect of such track circuiting is necessary having regard to shunting movements at the south end of the station which might be out of sight of the signalman.

An excellent view is obtained from the new box and the frame faces away from the line. The locking is correct, the arrangements appear to be satisfactory, and the works generally are in good order. I recommend therefore that these alterations be approved.

I have the honour to be, Sir
Your obedient servant
(Sgd) A.H.L. Mount
Lieut Colonel

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