Report of Captain H W Tyler (Board of Trade Railway Inspector)
into the proposed opening of Frome Mineral Junction

18th September 1875

Original Document - Public Record Office, Kew. MT6 150/5

18th September 1875


Whilst at Frome on Friday last on other duties, it was represented to me, that the connections between the Frome Mineral Sidings and the passenger lines of the Great Western Railway Company near Frome were complete and ready for inspection; and I therefore inspected the arrangements which had there been carried out. I found that a good signal cabin had been provided, from which the points and signals were worked; and I had occasion to recommend that levers Nos.14 and 15 in the locking frame should lead lever No. 16, as well as that the necessary figures should be properly painted on the various levers. Subject to these observations, I am able to recommend the Board of Trade to sanction on the application of the Company, the use of the above siding connection.

I have the honour to be, Sir
Your Obedient Servant
H W Ty

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