Letter from Radstock Local Board to the Railway Department of the Board of Trade

7th April 1877

Original Document - Public Record Office, Kew. MT6 644/5

Radstock Local Board
Temple Cloud
7th April 1877


Level Crossings at Radstock by the Midland and South Western Joint Somerset and Dorset Line, and the Bristol and North Somerset Line.

I am directed by this Board to call your attention to the fact that the time allowed by your order requiring a bridge to be built in lieu of these level crossings has now expired.

The Board are still of opinion that an alteration in the present state of affairs is much needed, and that the evils complained of in my former letters to you have correspondingly increased with the increase of the traffic in the district.

Whilst the Board believe that the bridge or viaducts as proposed to be erected would so seriously injure the property of the place, they are anxious that something should be done and that without any great delay: they venture to suggest that the subway referred to in a former communication to you dated 13th August 1875 or some other such plan could be devised by which the property would be but slightly interfered with, as compared with the proposal to arch over the two level crossings.

Trusting that your honourable board will give the subject your early attention.

I have the honour to remain
Your obedient servant
Augustus Bully

To the Assistant Secretary
Railway Department
Board of Trade

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