Published Photo's

A listing of published photographs which include Frome North Box, before its removal to Didcot.

For reference information on the books see Bibliography section.

  Where Published Description of Photograph Date (where given) Attributed to:
1 Vincent, p.248 Front view of Frome North Box. 2/3/1973 G.F. Gillham
2 Leigh, p.88 Front view of Frome North Box after closure 1984 P.W.Durham
3 Leigh, p.89
Smith, p210
Rear view of Frome North Box showing extensive brickwork base 1978 D.J. Hyde
4 Vaughan. (1990), p.125 Inside view of the box showing Tom Baber, Signalman 1973 A. Vaughan
5 Phillips, p.116 Front view of Frome North Box 21/3/1965 C. L. Caddy
6 Phillips, p.116 View of Box looking towards Frome station 1973 Adrian Vaughan Collection
7 Phillips, p.116 Inside view of box showing part of the frame and block shelf 1974 John Morris
8 Vaughan. (1977), p.330

Clark, p.75
View of Box from Frome direction showing porch 1973 A. Vaughan

South Devon Railway Museum
9 Vincent, p.229 47122 in charge of a Whatley Quarry-Westbury Stone Train drops of the single line token 13/5/1981 Mike Miller
10 Smith, p.210 Front three quarter view 1979 David Hyde Collection