Published Photo's

A listing of published photographs which include Radstock North Box, and its predecessor, before its removal to Didcot.

For reference information on the books see Bibliography section.

  Where Published Description of Photograph Date (where given) Attributed to:
1 Vincent, p.7 General view of Radstock West station looking towards crossing with gates closed and no trains. Circa 1960's Lens of Sutton (Neg. 53330)
2 Vincent, p.15 General view of Radstock West station looking towards crossing with gates open and rear of goods train disappearing.   Mike Vincent’s Collection
3 Handley (1991), p.12

Vincent, p.18
General view of Radstock level crossing from the Waldegrave Arms with S&D box in middle distance and GWR box behind. 1950's Chris Handley's Collection

John Kingman
4 Handley (1991), p.6
Mitchell & Smith, Plate 38
Vincent, p.50
Robertson, p.101
Maggs (2013) p.106
General View of Radstock from West end showing S&D line in foreground, GWR line in background and the S&D Clandown branch. 1909 / 1910 Lens of Sutton

Chris Howell
Colin Maggs' Collection
5 Mitchell & Smith, Plate 39

Handley (1991), p.78

Vincent, p.65
Radstock looking west towards the GWR station with early wooden signalbox in the middle distance and Ludlows colliery in foreground. Early 20th C / About 1905 M. Tozer's Collection

Chris Howell Collection

Gerald Quartley
6 Vincent, p.87
Maggs (2013), p.109
View looking east from Crossing including part of North signalbox with colliery chimneys behind. Circa 1950s / 1930s Lens of Sutton (Neg. 53324)
7 Vincent, p.136 View looking east from Crossing including part of signalbox and crossing gates, noticeboards and lamps. Autumn 1922 Derek Fear
8 Vincent, p.148 Ken Evans on duty at Radstock North Box.   Ken Evans' Collection
9 Vincent, p.153 Bristol bound train behind BR Standard Class 3 2-6-2T No. 82043 crossing the level crossing. 1958 Terry Paget
10 Mitchell & Smith, Plate 37
Robertson, p.102
Vincent, p.225
Maggs (2013), p.107
Radstock station looking west with old wooden box prominent in background. Metro tank arriving with 6-wheel Siphon. Lens claims Circa 1912 (but must be 1910 or earlier). Maggs says C.1900. Lens of Sutton (Neg. 53323)
Lens of Sutton (Neg. 53323)
W. White
Colin Maggs' Collection
11 Vincent, p. 229 Radstock ‘The gates’ — Class 33 No. 33049 removing S&D Trust's stock over the level crossing. 16/10/1975 Mike Miller
12 Vincent, p.242 Front-on close up of Radstock West Signal Box.   Ken Evans' Collection
13 Vincent, p.243 Interior view showing frame and gate wheel.   Ken Evans' Collection
14 Vincent, p.243 Interior view showing diagram and instruments.   Ken Evans' Collection
15 Vincent, p.243 Early close-up of GWR Radstock North Box, from opposite platform.   Mrs G. Shearn
16 Vincent, p.243 General view of station looking west with old wooden box.   Chris Howell
17 Mitchell & Smith, Plate 40
Smith, p.21
Oakley, (2002) p. 103
Robertson, p.99
Maggs (2013), p.107
General view looking west with light engine waiting to depart for Bristol. Early years of 20th C.

Circa 1912
Lens of Sutton (Neg. 53325)
18 Mitchell & Smith, Plate 43
Robertson, p.103
View down Somervale Road towards GWR station and level crossing. Circa 1920's Lens of Sutton (Neg. 53327)
19 Howell, p.106 View looking west with trains crossing. 1909 - 1915  
20 Maggs (1993), p.13
Maggs (2013), p.108
5446 (or 5445) with train from Bristol coming over the crossing.   M.E.J. Deane
21 Handley (1979), p.48

Vaughan, p.133
General view of station looking west with crossing gates closed 14.8.1959 Colin Maggs
22 Handley (1991), p.77 View looking down High Street towards old GW and S&D boxes, and showing new omnibus service 1906/7 Chris Howell's Collection
23 Handley (1992), p.135 View of level crossing with S&D box in foreground and part of old GW box showing behind Between 1885-1897 Chris Howell's Collection
24 Maggs (1992), p.45
Maggs (2007), p.34
Maggs (2013), p.109
4131 pulling into the Frome-bound platform (and partly obscuring the box) 14.8.1959 Colin Maggs
25 Mitchell & Smith, Plate 44

Toop, p.68
Pannier No. 4636 and goods train pulling into Frome-bound platform (and partly obscuring the box) 8.4.1958 R.E. Toop
26 Mitchell & Smith, Plate 45 General view of the remaining Frome-bound platform, the box and crossing 1964 C.L. Caddy
27 Mitchell & Smith, Plate 46 Close up view of box front and porch 1964 CL Caddy
28 Waters, p. 79 '5700' class 0-6-0PT No 5571 arrives at Radstock West Station with the 1:32 service from Bristol to Frome. 4.7.1959 GW Trust
29 Maggs (2007), p.34
Maggs (2013), p.232
0-6-2PT No. 7772 at Radstock West having its tanks replenished by a water crane before returning to Bristol (corner of box in picture) 12.4.1961 Colin Maggs
30 Maggs (2007), p.35 The Signalman at Radstock West holds his hand to receive the single line tablet from the fireman on No. 5757 working a Bristol to Frome passenger train. It is 1953, the year of Queen Elizabeth's coronation, and bunting may be seen on buildings in the background 1953 Colin Maggs' Collection
31 Maggs (2013), p.108 '8750' class 0-6-0PT No 4636 light engine takes on Water 08.04.1958 R.E. Toop / Colin Maggs' Collection



Francis Frith
Published Photo No.4 has been published as a picture postcard and is also available from Francis Frith (Photo ref: 66584), who give the date as 1914. They also have two pictures of the level crossings: R2004 and R2005, which are taken on the same day and dated as 1955 but are most certinaly earlier than this.

The railways of Radstock feature in four 1930 arial views available from the ‘Britain from Above’ collection which is part of English Heritage who now hold the Aerofilms collection.  Negative numbers: EPW033306-9. 

Bath in Time
The photographic collection of Bath and North East Somerset Council.

28995 View of level crossing and signalbox c. 1950s
39935 Arial view 1955
39939 View across both level crossings from South c.1920s
NB This is the same photograph as in the Francis Frith Collection No. R2004, (and who have dated it incorrectly as 1955)

They also offer a copy of published photo No.4 (Ref. 39940)

Lens of Sutton
In addition to those published pictures referenced above, negatives Nos. 53329 and 64523 also feature Radstock Box.

Although sometimes attributed to Lens of Sutton, I have been unable to identify the negative for published photo No.4 in their GWR stations list, possibly it is listed under the S&DJR (Maybe #12024 SDJR Radstock North Panoramic View, circa 1912, showing the station and its surroundings).