Radstock signalbox at night
GWR Roundel
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This section aims to detail the history, both before and after preservation, of some of the major items acquired by the Didcot S&T Project. It is also the place where more detailed information about specific items in the S&T display can be found. Inevitably research into such areas is slow and it is expected that this section will gradually be expanded as more information is uncovered.

a Radstock North Signalbox
a Frome Mineral Junction Signal Cabin
a The Signals
a Other Buildings
and Structures
a Signalbox Equipment and Furniture
a Early Signalling Equipment


NB. This section still has several - gaps which should be filled soon, questions which I'd be delighted if you can answer, and inaccuracies which I am sure you'll feel free to point out !


Recreating the golden age of the Great Western Railway